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...Every other band embraces a musical style--420bpm embraces them all...
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What is 420bpm? 420bpm, in live performance mode as Live420bpm, denies every expectation one has about live music: every other band is LOUD--but 420bpm plays only on headphones. Other bands embrace a musical style--420bpm embraces them all. Other band's members can each hear the others while they all play; 420bpm players each hear a unique submix of the band. Other bands want you to pay for their music; 420bpm gives it to you for free. Other bands have fixed lineups; 420bpm rotates guest players in and out. Other bands know (or have some idea, at least) what their music is going to sound like before playing it; 420bpm...finds out as it goes. Other bands play ONE piece of music at a time; 420bpm creates numerous musical pieces simultaneously. Every other band tries not to chat while playing; 420bpm has a dedicated intercom system.

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